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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Alexandre, we all felt for you when you lost your boat. And then watched in disbelief at the behaviour of your insurers. Without doubt you maintained your boat at a level few of us acheive and generously shared your knowledge. I wish you well in whatever path you follow from here.


SM 299

Ocean Pearl

On 15 July 2020 at 02:48 "Alexandre Uster von Baar via" <uster@...> wrote:


Dear Amel owners, 

It is coming on 3 years NIKIMAT was lost, I am slowly moving on and eventually will use the domain name for another project.  

Therefore, I do not want all the illustrations to be lost, so I put them on a new site called:

(With a bit of sadness selecting the pictures) I added a “Tour” (when I took possession of the vessel and completely emptied it).  
Despite many information being missing, I hope future owners will enjoy the pictures, seeing the inside of the cabinets, some of the features, etc.  

The links or page names will remain the same, for example:



If you see dead link / missing pages, let me know (forum or direct email). will stay up for sometime, but start referring the new domain name.  

Note: I have for sale for $100.  

I still keep an eye on the forum and hope to continue to meet and see again some of you.  

Sincerely, Alexandre



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