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BTW, to those who may want to help Billie, but have earlier models:
Amel 55 #56 has the Climma Chiller System, which is probably unlike the very early 55's and all Amel's before Amel started using the Climma Chiller. It is not like all of the Climma installations in Amels before. It has a central cooling compressor with remote air handlers that receive chilled fluid (not freon, rater 80% freshwater, and 20% antifreeze) from a central engine room mounted unit. It has a saltwater circuit contained in the engine room for heat transfer and a separate pump that circulates chilled fluid.

I think we all have limited knowledge of this system. Hopefully, some owner has experienced your issue. My guess, and it is really a guess, is that because resetting the system allows you to restart with cooling, there is probably either insufficient water flow in the saltwater or the chilled fluid circuits, causing an automated shutdown. If this is the cause for the shutdown, included in the troubleshooting should be the sensor that shuts it down. If I were you, I would call Coastal Climate Control and ask Rob or Gretchen for the contact information for the most qualified technician for Climma Chillers in your area. Contact:
Coastal Climate Control, Inc.
4831 Tesla Dr, Suite H, Bowie MD 20715
USA Phone: 301-352-5738

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On Wed, Jul 15, 2020 at 10:11 AM Billy Newport <billy@...> wrote:
Settling in to our new (to us) Amel 55#56. Twice now, the AC compressor has shutdown, no lights, like dead. Air handlers still work, boat is on shore power (US waters, boat is Euro 220v). All systems on shore power appear to be fine.

The fix is to turn off and on the clima system on the AC breaker box in the engine room. Turn it off and then on and the compressor and electronics immediately come on. The LED display shows the usual numbers and then the boat starts cooling down.

How can I figure out whats causing the compressor/AC unit to shutdown like that?

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