Vintage Maramu dinghy stowage

smiles bernard

Hi there

I’d be really interested to hear of others Maramu dinghy choice wrt stowage
The transom of the Maramu is quite a bit narrower than the SM and later models - as such davits don’t feel right as any dink would overhang the sides If the boat a lot

Plus I have a much treasured Hydrovane on the back

We currently carry an inflatable and also a nesting affair I made

The nesting dinghy stows Inverted under the mizzen boom but that space is not big enough for the inflatable which I pack up and stow in the fwd locker

Really interested in the options people have explored.

Does anyone mount their dinghy right side up on the deck on the foredeck? I’ve seen a few SMs with this setup but feels tight re space on the Maramu

All the very best

Maramu 162

Looks like we are heading off as

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