Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Power lead for SSB

Ian Shepherd <g4ljf@...>

Hello Peter,

thanks for the info on the Alphatronix DC/DC converter. You are right about the price of the Icom P66, at least in the UK. However, I should point out that the Icom when purchased from Stephane Genitou at Pochon La Rochelle is just 308 Euro's, which is not bad.

One quick question. Do you suffer from any RF interference from the Alphatronix unit? I take it also that it is a 30 amp unit that you quoted for? Most importantly, is the input and output completely isolated from each other at DC? Crucial from the point of view of electrolysis. I had a 60 amp Far East unit on Crusader that cost around 80 Pounds, which worked well, though the input's and outputs were not isolated, though I found a workaround.

I need a new converter for my new boat in July, so would appreciate your comments.

Best Wishes

Ian Shepherd

SM2000 299 "Crusader"

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