Re: Climma compressor turning off randomly

Mark & Debbie Mueller

Hi Billy,


When the unit shuts off does it restart automatically?  If it is an automatic restart then some safety circuit within the unit is shutting the system down.  I am not specifically familiar with this unit but there may have a temperature sensor clamped to the exterior of the raw water heat exchanger, this will shut the unit down if there is low raw water flow to prevent overheating of the system.  Additionally, in many chiller systems there is a low flow detector in the chilled water portion of the unit.  The idea is to prevent freezing of the chilled water in the heat exchanger should the chilled water pump fail.


When the unit shuts down check to see if there is power at the main junction of the air-conditioning system.  If not, trace the problem backwards to the power distribution panel.  Also, give the system a very close visual inspection with a good light to look for anything out of the ordinary.  With the main power off verify the electrical connectors are plugged in or screwed down properly.  Is there a troubleshooting guide that provides clues to what the problem should be with this condition?  I hope some of these ideas are useful, good luck with your problem.
Mark Mueller
Brass Ring  A54

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