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Mohammad Shirloo

Thanks Kent. Trying hard not to affect the design and lines of the 54 with an Arch. Even though the stern is the most logical place for it. I think some of the new solar panels are less sensitive to shadow and multiple controllers, stratigcally connected, should produce better results.  Still a work in progress.


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Mohammad and Aty

B&B Kokomo

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Hi Mohammad,

I put 600W of hard panels on my arch, and 250W soft panels on my cockpit enclosure. The soft ones are mounted aft of the boom, but still contribute only 7% of my total solar charging experience. When at anchor I swing the boom off to the side, but still don't see significant output.  There's almost always a shadow from a shroud or mast on one of the panels. I have both of the panels on the same controller, I would probably get better output if they were on separate controllers.


As currently configured, the soft panels aren't worth the money and effort. The hard panels on the arch are great.


Kent and Iris

SM 243



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Hi Paul;


Can you please share your experience with your installation on your bimini top? This is the location we are looking at for our solar panels, but are concerned about the shadow effect of the boom and sails on power generation. The following are relevant to our design and would appreciate some information about your installation:


  1. What manufacturer and type of solar did you use?
  2. How many panels and what is the total rated wattage?
  3. How much is your daily average amp hour production on a normal day.
  4. How many solar controllers ?
  5. Parallel or series connection of the panels?


We are trying to decide whether to go with a soft or hardtop for the panels. Any issues with your installation or anything you would do different? If you have some pictures, that would help.


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Mohammad and Aty

B&B Kokomo

AMEL 54 #099


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Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to the group. You will find a wealth of information and help here from some very knowledgeable and like minded sailors. 


I was given some very good advice when we first purchased our SM and that was to wait at least a year before making any changes to the original design/systems. We waited at least two years and I am glad we did. 


Likewise I wanted to add solar when we purchased but I heeded the advice. 


The waiting allowed us to evaluate whether we really wanted solar, determine what our normal energy needs were, and to see enough other Amel installations to know whether we wanted hard panels on an arch, the rails, etc or to go with flexible panels somewhere else. 


We opted for flexible panels on our Bimini top. 


I am so glad we waited as I now have a system that I am 100 percent happy with and one that is exceeding our expectations on power generation. 


You can read about our project and install here:



All the Best,


Paul Stascavage 

S/V Rita Kathryn  SM #466


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