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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Paul;


I read your blog, thanks for the link. Is the 100-150 amp hours/day you are seeing at 24Volts?  That would translate to 2.4KW to 3.6KW yield/day from your 680W total solar array. Does this sound about right?


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Hello Kent

i hope all is well with you and Iris. 

We have 680 watts on the Bimini (four 170 watt panels). 340 Port and 340 Sartboard. The panels on each side are connected in series with each side going to its own controller. We also move the boom to the side while at anchor and although I do get some shading at times it doesn’t seem to be a big issue. Output varies depending on numerous factors but we are typically seeing between 100 and 150 amp hours per day. 

I’m betting you would see a significant improvement if you were to add a second controller. 

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