Re: Possible damage from transport ships stacks. Has anyone experienced?

Ken Powers SV Aquarius <ken@...>

Your batteries might not be able to handle the current draw of the Bow Thruster.  Take a look at the current draw during Bow Thruster use, and also look at the voltage while using the bow thruster....  Try charging your batteries completely, turn on the Genset, and your charger...  Then try the Bow Thruster again.  If it works, your problem is found..

On Thu, Jul 16, 2020 at 03:32 AM, heinz@... wrote:
Since yesterday when I tried to park in a box in a marina in Auckland my bow thruster motor failed. 
If I turn the beam to the left or right the whole power supply breaks down for a moment. After that the power is back. 
I took the rudder off and it can be turned perfectly by hand. 
But the same happens with the engine. No power for a few seconds, all instruments off, no rotation of the motor. 
Does anyone know this problem. 
Does anyone know how I can find out if it's the motor or maybe a relay that doesn't work. 
Can I test the motor without a relay, maybe on the 4 cables marked D1, D2, and A1, A2?
I am grateful for a quick answer.
Heinz SY Quetzal, SM 2000, 292

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