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Eric Freedman

Hi Patrick,
Is this for a SM? If so what is your hull number?
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On July 21, 2020 at 6:27 PM "Patrick McAneny via" <sailw32@...> wrote:

Kent, I checked with Bill yesterday since so much time had passed and I needed to know if I was gettting a new rub rail. He told me he had no luck with the company he was dealing with initially .Another owner had purchased from this company,so I contacted them and they do exactly this type product and seem eager to have our business. Sent them a cross section today,expect to have a sample very soon and confirm pricing based on the number of feet purchased. They said lead time was about two weeks. I will put you on the list. 

I need to confirm if 52 ft. per side is correct for a SM and if a Maramu and SN has the same rub rail design.
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