Re: A 55 # 9 : Chargeing and mastershunts

Ken Powers SV Aquarius

Arno, and Bill,

The fact is that large current draws on your batteries will kill them faster.  Yes, a battery can supply a lot of current, but if you use this capability you shorten their life over time.   During large current draws Arno suggests that all the batteries are equally suppling their %, but I might suggest that not all the batteries are created equal, some pairs may be supplying 110Amps and others much less.  Just like pallbearers, not all hands are supplying the same force.  

Thank you Bill for a fact I didn't know, and I don't think that most Amel owners were aware of:  That Amel suggests owners to run the genset every time the bow thruster is used.   Running the Genset does makes sense given the amount of current required for the bow thruster, and it also implies that Amel is, and was aware, that the bow thruster draw could be too high for the batteries alone.  

But, these responses do not Answer the original QUESTION;  Why are two 500Amp shunts on the A55?
And it does not Answer my question which I think will shed some light on the original question:  How many Amps the A55 Bow thruster draws?

The original question, about the A55 battery electronics going into shut down, then coming back online after a few seconds.  This is actually how I would think the electronics on a good Amel with bad batteries should work.  If you bring the voltage on your 24V batteries below 24V the Amel should go into shut down to protect the batteries ( The owner probably even has the capability to set the shut down voltage).  Then a few seconds, after the voltage increases above 24V (or what ever voltage was set for shutdown), the electronics should turn the 24V house power back on.  

Personally I would also like to know the current draw others are seeing on their Amel's.  We draw about 400Amps when we light up the bow "thirsty" thruster. 

PS:  Arno, I had 4 pairs of batteries in my SM battery compartment, the A54 or the A55 might have a bigger compartment which fits 6 pairs.  I tried to fit 5 pairs, but they didn't fit (I had Vicron 110AH AGM's 8 pieces in my battery bank).  So, on Aquarius I was looking at 400 Amps / 4 pairs = 100Amps per pair if everything being equal (which never is).   I believe that's about the MAX for my old batteries.

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