Re: Rub rail purchase

Patrick McAneny

Techno Rubber Industries received my rub rail sample and just sent a firm quote. The price per foot went down $2.50 a foot,however the die and design went up about $200, still the overall cost is much less than the original quote and the more owners placing an order would reduce the cost of the die per owner. 

As of now three owners have placed an order. The cost will be $8.90/ft x 104 ft = 925.60
Cost of design and die split three ways will be  $640.00 / 3 = 213
925 + 213= $ 1,138. 
So the cost for a new off white rubrail for a SM will be $1,138. , that cost will be reduced further if more owners join this group purchase. A few months ago when Bill and Karen tried to organize a group purchase I believe that there was at least 8 owners interested in purchasing a new rub rail. I hope they read and respond to this ,if they are still interested .If you are interested to join in this purchase there is only about a week to do so.
Tomorrow I will pay for the design and die , they will make a sample within a week and then do the production run a week later. We will each pay individually by credit card directly and they will ship directly to each owner. So please contact me directly if you are interested in joining the purchase.
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