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Please provide more information on the rub rail.
Do do you have a sketch.

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On Tue, Jul 21, 2020, 1:21 PM Patrick McAneny via <> wrote:
I have sent a cross section of my rubrail ,from my Super Maramu to Techno Rubber Industries in Fla. ,they will produce a die and sample for my inspection . I intend to place an order as soon as I receive the sample and final pricing. The die will cost me $450.00 ,the rub rail will run somewhere around $11 per ft. ,roughly $1200. The more boats ordering would bring the price down and I would like to share the cost of the die. The rub rail would be slightly off white. Another owner of a Mango has already purchased from this company and was happy with the service and product. Shipping to Maryland where I live is roughly estimated to be about $200.
So if anyone would like to join me in a group buy ,please email me at , sailw32@... . I will give the final number of orders to the company as soon as I get the sample from them. They will then give me a final price based on the number of orders ,the more the less. I will probably place the order within the next ten days,so please get back to me ASAP.
Pat McAneny
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