Wiring for the USA

David Crisp

I am planning too sail up the East COast of the USA next year. That
and being in the Caribbean (St Martin) now I want to wire my boat to
take 110V.

Can anyone advise on how to do this? Presumably the simplest thing
it to install a transformer. Am not bothered about having 110V
sockets in the boat - internally I want to remain 220V.

Although reasonably competent electrically I am wary of major marine
wiring projects as I aware of the grounding issues. Does anyoone
know the best place to get this work done for a reasonable price? We
are heading down towards Greneda for the hurricane season.

Finally am considering chaging out the battery charger for a better
one with - so if that could be cost effectively part of the project
I would consider that.

David Crisp - Gallant of Fowey

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