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Hi Alexander, I notice in your tag line you sign off with “the first gold line” (Amel 54). Other than updated cosmetics, is there any difference between that and previous Amel 54’s (i.e. like the Red Line Super Maramu’s after 2003)?  Thanks. 


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Hi Carina,

did know Bruno, the former owner of ULTIMO, a bit, I have had a berth next to him in La Rochelle, and I have spied some good ideas he had had on equipment :-).

Below you find the original answer from CNVP (Societé Naval de Vieux Port) in La Rochelle, they are THE competent company in LR for this, and they have installed an extra bow protection and have made more fiberglass and GelCoat work on SY Oceanica I. The answer to your quenstions is: There is no colour code, makes no sense also, because the colour is changing with the years. Find a real good specilaist on gelcoat, check the actual colour with a spectrometer and let a specialist mix te colour induvidually for you. It is an effort, but the only way to be happy after the repairs!    contact@... The owners speak French and English

Alexander Hofmann
SY Oceanica I
Amel54#160 (frist Gold line :-) ...)

Google translation of the key sentence: For gelcoat shades, AMEL does not give the references or RALs of their color, but if you need to reproduce the color you have to go through a professional with a color spectrometer (or spectrophotometer).

Von: CNVP [] Gesendet: Donnerstag, 21. Juli 2016 11:28 An: 'Alexander' Betreff: RE: SY Oceanica I - gelcoat ...... RE: 2 questions techniques Bonjour Monsieur Hofmann,Merci pour votre compliment, cela fait partie de nos exigences pour nos clients.

Pour les teintes de gelcoat, AMEL ne donne pas les références ou RAL de leur couleur mais si vous avez besoin de reproduire la teinte il faut passer par un professionnel avec un spectromètre (ou spectrophotomètre) de couleur.

 J’espère avoir répondu à votre question. Cordialement Christine BENOIST

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