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Hi Teun, I agree with the regular opening and closing. Best way to prevent problems. Also for the head valves and tubing at least 30 second flushes. When I have guests on board you cant expect them to follow this so at the end of the day I go to each head and do a one minute flush. 



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When I got on AMELIT in NOUMEA she had been sitting idle for close to 20 months and the aft bathroom valve was stuck: we planned on replacing when she came out of the water. Thanks to a very, very skinny (arms & hands) & persistent sidekick of my excellent (but high labor cost) local mechanic (Willie) he got it to work. Also the aft bathroom shower/sink valve in the engine room got stripped in the open position and this one is glassed into the watertight bulkhead. Impossible or extreme difficult to replace. So I added a PVC (??) valve at the end of the hose near the bilge. Since then I exercise (open/close 3 times) ALL 7 valves every other Saturday morning – I know is overkill but also no big deal.


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Hi Soraya,

I operate them every moth or so. Not much more you can do other then spraying them with Corrosion-X. But the reality is they do get bad as these are pretty standard chromed brass seacocks. Getting proper bronze ones is close to impossible for the thread that is used on the outlet pipe. At least I was not able to source them. I can source bronze ones with tapered thread no problem, but not with a straight thread.
I had to replace the forward seacock as it was leaking via the shaft that operates the ball. It is a challenge to do. I ended up with a badly bruised upper arm for a week or so. Use Loctite 577 to seal the threads positioning the seacock in the proper rotational position. Before screwing it on with the Loctite, first do a dry-fit and count the number of rotations you need to make to fit it as far as it will go. 


Arno Luijten
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