SM 2000 head backflow and holding tank leak -second attempt

Mike Ondra

Finally got to the aft head with the riser repair. The copper here was also corroded away with the riser pipe inside the tank completely separated. (Any leak between the tank and the head pump would drain virtually the entire contents of the holding tank.) Again replaced the piping from the head pump all the way to discharge about an inch below the top of holding tank with one piece of 1.25” Trident VAC XHD Sanitation Hose. Straightened the last 18” of the hose over heat so it would stand upright.

Boring out the 1.75” hole was made significantly easier with the implementation of the Diamond Hose Saw (from Amazon) which cut through both fiberglass and copper fairly easily (15-20 minutes). The length of the bore at this inlet is almost 3” due to the fiberglass build-up at this location. The bore is about ¼” oversize allowing a putty epoxy seal around the pipe where it enters the tank and then the gap was filled from inside the tank from above (3/4” PVC pipe with funnel) with FG resin leaving a puddle around the pipe.  So far so good.

Future replacement of the Sanitation Hose would require cutting and coupling just below the holding tank, or complete removal and replacement.


Mike Ondra

Aletes SM#240 Rock Hall, MD



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