Re: A54 Refrigeration Cooling Water Circulation Pump - Brushless Motor

Jamie Wendell

Oliver, are you going to market and produce the custom board you show in your video? If you can help me better understand what you are saying, I am assuming the following:
  1. You developed and have built a board that integrates the functions of the VESC with a VESC interface signal controller and now the N2K interface for the temperature sensors - an all-in-one board that will drive the BLDC motor directly via 3 temperature inputs that can be read on our standard NMEA 2000 bus?
  2. You will provide that to us Amelians if we want to order one from you, and if so, are you ready to sell the board you created and provide us wiring diagrams, etc.?
Are you still developing it? I can make what I am doing work, but certainly an all-in-one board would be far better than having a bunch of connected parts. I really want to keep it simple, but having the ability to read the temperatures over my N2K bus would really be a big plus. Doing so would allow us to be sure the pump is running and the refrigerators are not failing from a loss of coolant flow. I have digital readouts that give me visual temperature displays, but they are local only.

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