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Hi Graham,
We have a 1989 Santorin with a Prima 50.   It is now approaching 5000 hrs and starts first time, even after a winter lay up, uses 0.25 ltr oil every 100 hrs, runs at about the right temperature.   We have had problems with oil and fuel leaks ALL of which were the result of engine parts working loose, eg. the mechanical lift pump nuts worked loose and oil seeped out from the rocker box.   All these were fairly easily fixed by me.   Some problems with injectors as they got old and some wireing problems- i.e. electric stop failed and it needed to be stopped manually (lever on injector pump) but I guess that is par for the course after 8 years of our use.   I did worry about the age of the engine and talked to Perkins.   They asked if it started ok, did it smoke a lot, did it burn oil and did it use cooling water or overheat.   When I said no to all the questions they said that at around 7000 hrs I might need to have major work done on it!  
In fairness it is well looked after with regular checks and maintenance and has never gone more than 200 hrs without an oil change, now down to 100/150 hours or every season if less.  (Highly recomended by every engineer I've ever talked to).   It is also easy to work on with all major parts being accesible.  Spares are reasonably priced if purchased in England and just about everything is still available.   Another plus point is that the same engine was badged as a Volvo (An MD? - I can't remember the exact number) so that if you are stuck for parts in some remote place with no Perkins agent you may be able to get Volvo parts, they are more expensive though.
Bottom line - it's not a bad engine.
Robin Cooter,
Santorin 004.

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Subject: [Amel] Perkins Prima 50
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We are hoping to buy a Sharki in the next week, we have a choice of two both of which have the Perkins Prima 50 fitted.
I have read both good and bad comments with regard to these engines.THe bad being the high price of parts and poor quality wiring.

Has anyone got any experience with the Prima 50, any comments would be appreciated?


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