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I can explain the hydraulic part to you. The brake release hydraulic cylinder gets the hydraulic fluid and pressure from the ZF Hurth reversing transmission mounted on the main engine output. There is a bleed screw on the cylinder that you cannot miss. You will want to bleed all air from the cylinder, replacing lost fluid by adding it to the ZF Hurth reversing transmission. Probably any engine mechanic will have no problem helping you. 

I would be surprised if Maud helps you diagnose your problem from the video. One more issue is that the last time one of my clients tried to order the style brake pads that you have, he was told by Amel that these are no longer available and the only thing my client could do is order the entire new brake unit (photo in my previous email). This new brake unit does not fit exactly the same pattern as the older one, so there are some minor modifications needed to install the new one, again an engine mechanic will be able to help. 

I looked at the video again. I believe that there is something mechanically wrong and it has nothing to do with hydraulics, or worn brake shoes (which look good in the video). Possibly you would see the problem if you removed the bolt circled in the photo below. Maybe it is something simple.
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Thank you Bill for your feedback!

I have ordered new brake pads from Maud. I also sent the video and waiting for a feedback.

I wanted to remove the whole brake but I have NO experience with hydraulics. Do I need a specialist for the hydraulic line to remove and remount? My fear is, if I decouple the hydraulic line from the braker I will lose hydraulic oil and air will get into the system. Also the two screws, that hold the brake on the bar look pretty hard to access.

So until now I could not evaluate the reason for the shaking. It is hard to find a marine mechanic in Italy with hydraulic disk brake know how....something very special.


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