Tips appreciated: Major frustration trying to pull cable through Mizzen.

Scott SV Tengah

We just spent two days trying to get two cable pulled through the mizzen without any success. I saw a few threads about it but it seems we must be doing something wrong.

For our A54, there are two cable channels that seem to be built as part of the mizzen mast (one starboard, one port), leading to two small circular forward facing openings that you access through an inspection hatch located on the port side of the mast. No matter what we did, we couldn't pull cables through the mast. Things we've tried, all with unterminated cable:

- taped the new VHF/AIS cable to the old one at the masthead and tried to pull down. It went about halfway then got completely jammed to the point where we pulled so hard that the old VHF/AIS cable ripped in half.
- tried pulling the cables using the Amel installed nylon mousing lines from the mast base. We literally could not get the vhf/ais cable more than 5cm past the port side channel opening before it jammed up on something.-
- as a followup to this, we tried to tie a similarly thin 1.5mm line to the Amel mousing line at the mastbase and tried to pull it up the mast. Again, we couldn't get the 1.5mm line more than 5cm up the mast! 

Each of the two conduits has two mousing lines in it. One of the mousing lines has a few 2-3cm cylindrical foam gaskets (like the ones on our Goiot port lights) tied perpendicular to the mast. Any idea what these are for? There is clearly something inside the mast that is jamming the line, but I can't figure out what it is. 

FYI here are the two cables we are trying to pull through:

(1) RG8X replacement wire for a replacement AIS antenna
(2) GBC400 Iridium Go antenna lead (10mm!)

I think I'm going to give up on the second cable due to the thickness but I'm about to give up on the first one, too!

Any tips appreciated.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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