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It is possible to damage your Volvo engine or Reversing ZF Hurth Transmission if you run the engine with the brake engaged. If the brake is dragging when the engine is running, it is best to remove it now.

Good luck.
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On Sun, Aug 2, 2020 at 11:57 PM Ralph Heilig <ralph.heilig@...> wrote:
Thank's Bill, Courtney, Porter,

it realy looks like something is broken. Maud already shipped the new brake pads, which I will change anyhow when I remove the brake (picture below). I hope to get them this week and then next week demount the brake and inspect.

The tip's with the coin or washer are great, but in my case, when you watch the video, there seems to be something broken. I don't think that's normal, that you can move the whole brake like this. The video was made with the engine NOT running and the ram out at max 60mm.

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