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James Alton


   We sailed for 8 seasons in Maine and unfortunately these pots will often be set in waters deeper than 200’.  The deep set ones tend to be the worst since they will have significant ballast  (concrete blocks usually) in the pot to keep the pot from dragging so you don’t want to draw these into your running gear.  Sailing at night is probably ok so long as you clear your prop before starting your engine and getting under power.  You should be able to tell if you are dragging one of these things without going under to have a look since they cause a lot of drag. If things open up and you are able, consider Nova Scotia.  No pots at all on the South Shore during the season and even during the season the pots are minimal.  The water is also much warmer.

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Usually past 160 feet of water

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Hi All,
We are finally making our way to Maine, first time North of Cape Cod. There are lobster Pots EVERYWHERE, even in 120 feet of water.  We'd like to sail overnight, but don't have a line cutter on the prop.
Does anyone know if there's a depth or distance offshore where we would be unlikely to encounter lobster pots and could safely sail at night?

Kent and Iris

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