Re: Covid, Spanish VAT and the18 month temporary importation rule

Matt Salatino

We are US-flagged, in Gibraltar now, on the Spanish side (Marina Alcaidesa). We took a bike trip into Gibraltar, and stopped at Queensway Marina to ask if we could restart our 18 month clock by checking into their marina for one night. They said yes, and they could handle the clearance particulars for us. We are not running out f time, but might do this before we move into the Med, just as insurance.


On Aug 3, 2020, at 5:20 PM, Alexandre Uster von Baar via <uster@...> wrote:

France will certainly not be “more” helpful.  

Don’t play game with the customs, especially not the French.  

“They” will decided on the value of your boat to charge you the 20% VAT.  

Can’t you sail to Morocco, Tunisia, Turkey?  Any non-EU country?  

Sincerely, Alexandre

On Monday, August 3, 2020, 08:24:10 AM CDT, Joerg Esdorn via <jhe1313@...> wrote:

My boat - US flagged - is in Spain on the hard and I am getting close to the maximum 18 months temporary importation period for VAT purposes.  Keeping the boat in Europe past the 18 months would mean that I owe VAT on the value of the boat.  Yet I cannot currently travel to the boat from the US and have had to cancel my entire season, including a sail to the Faroe Islands to get out of the EU customs zone and reset my 18 months.  The EU indicated in March that local customs offices should show flexibility in situations like mine.  So I engaged a customs agent is Spain to get me an extension of the 18 months to next summer.  They just got back to me that they could not help me.  Has anyone had success with Spanish customs (or French customs) on this issue?  I’m thinking of sailing the boat to France if the French are more helpful.  Many thanks for any help you can provide!

joerg Esdorn
A55 Kincsem, Vigo Spain

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