Re: Furling Main Motor

James Alton


   Congratulations on buying the Maramu.  My boat is #220 and as Joel stated has fibreglass coverings for the motors.  The original motors and gearboxes are still in very good shape and have given us no trouble.  I went completely through the mainmast gearboxes replacing all bearings and seals.  

   I have seen a few different types of gearboxes and motors on Maramu’s.  I will include a photo of what mine looked like prior to the service work and painting.  The motors looked almost like new when I opened them up.  The last photo is after repainting/seal and bearing replacement.


On Aug 3, 2020, at 2:57 PM, Tim Bowser <tim.bowser01@...> wrote:

I recently bought a Maramu hull #188.  The previous owner used windlass motors as replacements for the furling on the main.  They seem to be corroding quickly since they were not built to be exposed to the elements.  Does anyone know what originally would have been here?  


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