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Hi Eloi,

 We had Pen Azen rerigged 4 years ago by X-Voiles in Hyeres on the recommendation of Amel. Very professional job. They took both masts off the boat. When they finished the boss and I sailed for about 5 hours while he carried out the final tweaks.

 They , too, used ACMO fittings but bought the cables direct from Germany. As I recall it, the one German supplier is the company that everyone uses--including ACMO themselves.

 We rerigged after 16 years and about 50,000 miles, which was stretching things a bit, though the old rig was in good condition.  Having a new rig tweaked by a pro made a noticeable difference to our sailing performance.

 Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Kilada, Greece

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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] new Rigg on SM2000
Im am in the process of buying a SM2000 from 2004. The standing rigg has to
be changed. Amel in Hyères proposed to me the company "Sea Nergie Nautic"
(former Rousseau) to do the work. They made a quite interesting offer with
fittings from ACMO but the cables would not be from ACMO but from WDI in
Germany. Does anybody have experiences with those cables or would you
recommend to use cables from ACMO. Many thanks for your help.

SM 2000 #426 (hopefully in 3 Weeks)

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