Re: new Rigg on SM2000


Hi Eloi,
I just changed my standing rigging at Seanergie Hyeres. And as you said, it's ACMO fittings with WDS cables. I actually didn't challenged that part.
My standing rigging was from 1989, and when they removed it, they could confirm it was still in excellent conditions.
Still, we wanted to be safe, and 30 years is a good life already.
If I may ask, how do you know your rigging has to be changed? (2004 looks young compare to our SR)
I can't answer your question about quality of these cables. Just one point, Seanergie warned me that today, cables are made with a small part of carbon for some reason. And this material can give a slight "rusty acpect" quite quickly. But it's not real rust, and has no impact on the solidity/longevity of the cables.

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