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Attilio Siviero <attilio.siviero@...>

Hi Lars,
where are you in Tunisia? And how much do you pay for berth?
I also have a Santorin, recent purchase, now in Genoa Porto Antico.
Can we share experiences on Santorin?
For instance, what is there below the settee on left living/dining cabin?
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Hi Ivan

Can you tell me what you pay for your berth or mooring in Mallorca?

I am considering moving my Santorin from Tunisia to Spain later this year
and are currently investigating the costs involved.

Best regards,


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Hi Xaviar

We are on a Satorin in Mallorca but we come from the north
of Ireland. I still think the best cruising ground in the
world is the west coast of Ireland.

Enjoy your cruising

Ivan Campbell

Ocean Hobo

Hi guys,

I just join the group and thought that I had to introduce

My name is Xavier a french fellow sailor currently sailing
and living aboard a 1993 Santorin sloop that my late father
bought brand new. The boat has already sailed around the
world and done a few transat either with my parents on
board or with some close friends of them.

After three years on shore, I finaly decided that it was
time for the boat and I to get wet again.

I am actually in west Ireland with a friend of mine and
after visiting the Aran Island, we are coming back home in
Normandy to prepare the boat for a new trans atlantic that
I will do alone.

I have been sailing on this boat more than 5000 miles
already (must of them as a deck hand) and I am looking
forward more adventures. So far the plan is to sail from
Normandy across biscane bay then to Madeira, Cape Verde,
Senegal, Brasil, Venezuela ... and then who knows.

I am lookimg forward all the advices I can get on this
forum concerning preparing, upgrading and maintening the

Sail smooth


PS : sorry for my rought english

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