Re: Passerelle

Denise McGovern


On ours, the wheel side goes on the dock and the boat side has a short pole that goes into one of two available corresponding holes on the stern (one on deck and one on the top step). This allows the passerelle to pivot.

Hope this helps. Someone will likely have a photo for you soon.

Denise McGovern
SM 440
Chesapeake Bay

On Wed, Aug 5, 2020, 3:40 PM Vic Fryzel <vic.fryzel@...> wrote:

Can folks please link me to any resources in terms of actually attaching the passerelle to the stern? I've found a couple of photos, but mostly in the photos it seems as though folks are just tying it to a stanchion and/or davit, and it's otherwise free to roll. Is that correct assuming I set the appropriate springs?

-Vic "Moon Dog" SM248

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