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Hi David

Most marinas on the east coast have 50 amp service wich is 220V. You
need to rewire your current socket for one that fits the 50A socket.
The only issue is that US 220 is 60Hz and EU is 50 Hz. All of the
equipment will work on the boat except the microwave, clothes washer
dishwasher and the heating acts a little weird. You should consult an
expert about the wireing of the groung wire.

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I am planning too sail up the East COast of the USA next year.
and being in the Caribbean (St Martin) now I want to wire my boat
take 110V.

Can anyone advise on how to do this? Presumably the simplest thing
it to install a transformer. Am not bothered about having 110V
sockets in the boat - internally I want to remain 220V.

Although reasonably competent electrically I am wary of major
wiring projects as I aware of the grounding issues. Does anyoone
know the best place to get this work done for a reasonable price?
are heading down towards Greneda for the hurricane season.

Finally am considering chaging out the battery charger for a better
one with - so if that could be cost effectively part of the project
I would consider that.

David Crisp - Gallant of Fowey

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