Re: Lubrication of the Mechanism That Drives The Main Sail Furling Unit


Hi Bill and all experienced sailors who shared about lubricating the manual main sail furler on SMs.

After servicing it with all brand new seals etc. I was said by a former Amel employee to grease inside (I wasn't sure that he already serviced this part so I went through the recommended Omala S4 WE320 which I was able to source in UK ;-)

Once the system was re-installed, the lubricating oil started to leak from the cover (where the handle inserts) even with a brand new seal and a lot of precaution at installing it… (even after trying to glue it for better sealing)

Can you please confirm that I made some mistakes and that none of you had leaks with this lighter than grease oil?
Or is it because I placed too much oil in the furler and that it'll stop soon or late …

Thanks a lot in advance for all insight about that before trying to remove (and replace) it again ;-)


S/V ScentStone

SM2K #375

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