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That drapery fabric shown in the photo is a cotton print fabric. Cotton prints are constantly changed by the manufacturers of the fabric and there are hundreds of manufacturers of cotton prints, worldwide. I can guarantee you that it will be impossible to find the exact match, but you will certainly be able to find something that will work well for you. Cotton prints are usually made with the pattern "down the roll." The original SM 2k fabric shown is a "down the roll" pattern. This is what you want, because of the longer pieces used on closets and elsewhere. When you are shopping, "down the roll" and "railroaded patters" will be available. "Railroaded patterns" primarily exist to upholster furniture, not drapery

The key to doing a good job on the drapery is to sew in a UV and light blocking liner. If you do not, the cotton print will fade withing 1 year of sunlight. Select the liner well.

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on my #279 SM 2000 is the same.



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