Re: Lubrication of the Mechanism That Drives The Main Sail Furling Unit

Craig Briggs

This may sum it all up - bottom line, grease, not oil:
  • Bill Shaproski on Pacific Cool initiated the discussion.
  • Randall on A54 #56 referred him to the YouTube video by Ken on Aquarius. In that video Ken used grease, not oil.
  • Kent on Kristy said his was filled with “very heavy gear oil” and he used Shell Oil WE320 when he redid his but found it leaking onto the deck for a couple of days after.
  • Bill Rouse then said “Kent is exactly correct” … to use WE320 and gave a source for buying it.
  • Bill Shaproski then asked Kent if he meant the manual furler (not the gearbox driven by the electric motor) because he wondered if he could oil his in place. Kent said he poured the oil in with it lying on the bench before completing reassembly.
  • Bill S noted again that Ken on Aquarius used grease, not oil. Jean-Pierre Germain on Eleuthera said you must install grease nipples, but then clarified that he was talking about the reduction gearboxes (driven by the electric motors) and that for the manual furler a fresh water rinse works fine for him.
  • Kent then updated his situation and noted that his newly redone furler (using WE320, not grease) was (still) leaking onto the cabin top and he could redo it using grease.
  • You, Fred on ScentStone, then posted to say you had used oil and it was leaking.
  • I posted to reiterate that grease should be used.
  • Bill Rouse then posted to say that he (now) thinks grease is to be used, not oil.
Fred, I think you’ve got your answer. There may have been some confusion in this tread between the manual furler and the reduction gear box. Definitely grease for the manual furler.  For the reduction gearbox either 320 oil or grease, with perhaps the best being to use grease and add Zerk fittings for periodic maintenance.

Cheers, Craig - SN68 Sangaris, Tropic Isle Harbor, FL

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