Re: [Amel] Sharki furling rig sailing performance


Over the course of nearly 30 years, I have enjoyed the good fortune to have
sold a few new Sharki's and resold quite a few of the nearly 200 built on
the brokerage market here in North America and a few in Europe when the
dollar happened to be at a strong point. All in all I have a lot of day
sailing experience in variable conditions as well as several decent longer
passages. The Sharki is a sweet sailing boat that rewards good technique as
well as keeping the weight out of the ends. Even in very light air, the boat
moves well if you don't try to pinch up to weather too much. Having modern
sails to include a vertical battened main and mizzen and a light weight
multi-purpose headsail really helps across the spectrum where one must work
at boat speed and not waste any wind energy. Having to much ground tackle in
the bow area and too much junk, er, stuff in the big lockers under the
vberth makes the boat noticeably slower and more difficult to keep in the
proper groove. If you don't mind working at sail trim, have good sails to
work with, and stay mindful of just how much stuff can be squirreled away
inside and in the deck lockers and the attendant weight, you will be
rewarded with quick passage times and will be able to keep up with many so
called performance cruisers while you stay warm and dry beneath/behind the
hard dodger and enjoy a rather gentle, linear and predictable motion in all
but the worst of sea's. The Sharki has a soft spot in my heart and I have
nothing but good memories of the many days I have enjoyed aboard. Good luck
and if buying, pay extra for the nicest one you can find and a boat that has
been well owned by knowledgeable caring sailors. Sail it for a year before
you start cutting and changing and you will find you won't. The Captain and
Carteau got it pretty correct back in 1979.

All the best,
Joel F. Potter

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