Re: bilge switch replacement / how to remove the black cap

Courtney Gorman

Leave the string attached to the ‘stick’ and tie it to the new switch easy 
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On Aug 8, 2020, at 4:55 AM, Ralph Heilig <ralph.heilig@...> wrote:

As I am working on the boat, I also want to replace the bilge switch (corrosion / got an new one from Amel). I wanted to remove the back cap on top of the stick to mount the new string, but it looks like it is clued on the stick.

Any help if I have to cut the cap of the stick and try to get a new one? I could not find any tips here in the forum but I'm sure note the first one trying to mount a new bilge switch string...

<Bilge Pump1_LI _2_.jpg>

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