Vintage Maramu traveller cars for sale

smiles bernard

Hello friends

I managed to pick up a pair of new Goiot mainsheet cars when we were in Martenique last year
So I have some new shiny ones that I’m rather pleased with.

(Still hunting mizzen cars but that’s a different matter!)

But I noticed these on eBay and thought I would highlight them to this group in case anyone with a similar vintage vessel was also after ‘hard to find’ replacements
Just to be clear I’m not selling these and can’t vouch for them at all but they look nice and I would probably be buying them if I hadn’t already replaced mine !
Think these are only for the mk1 rigged Maramus? Pre double spreaders and electric mainsail furling etc

If interested and shipping to some exotic location is an issue I might be able to help out somehow

Fair winds

Maramu 162

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