Re: [Amel] Sharki furling rig sailing performance


Hi Graham, Where do you live and where will you cruise the first few years?
It is important to keep in mind that the youngest Sharki afloat is over 20
years old and some are 30. Any boat of these vintages is going to need
replacement of consumable components. The furling on that boat was built by
Nirvana which does not now exist. You will be the manufacturer of anything
you need for service and repair of the rigging so be careful in your
assessments. This is just one of the reasons Amel decided to build their own
masts and booms with the advent of the Santorin and Super Maramu. Be sure to
have an experienced marine surveyor who really knows these boats go over it
with a fine toothed comb. The structure itself is bullet proof if not broken
but the boats often get, as we Amel people hate to see, "molested" by well
intentioned folks who" improve" the boats without understanding what they
are in the first place. Try and find an experienced Amel owner to mentor
you, preferably one who has had the week long Amel training/" Brainwashing "
from the shipyard or the three/ four day school I give, with my tech people,
to my second hand customers. You will get up to speed on the systems and
special needs and requirements of an Amel as well as what to keep your eyes
open for in the future. Amel's are truly great boats that have brought me an
incredible amount of personal pleasure over the years on the several I have
owned and quite a bit of vicarious pleasure through those I have assisted in
finding the right second (or third, or forth. ) hand Amel to match their
requirements. Good Luck!

All the best,
Joel F. Potter

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