Run 2500w inverter always even on shore power?

Billy Newport

I'm on shore power mostly now, a US to Euro pigtail given the boat 240v at 50hz. The Chilla AC works, dishwasher too but the washing machine (LG Direct 7) is giving problems. It starts up and washes but the drain pump makes odd noises (sucking kind of) and kicks in occasionally and then back to sucking. The net is that it really doesn't want to drain the water out of the tub.
I'd been looking at replacing the drain pump but tried this morning to run it on the generator rather than shore power and it worked perfectly. Now, working once is by no means a measure of success but it has me thinking if anyone else has troubles like this.
My old boat ran everything on a pair of 3kw Victron inverters so it didn't matter what I connected to shore wise, it was just charging. Can I run the "comfort" appliances on my 55 always on the inverter even when on shore power. I think the engine room has the Amel device to switch between gen/shore power and inverter but is it programmable/configurable?

Amel 55#56 Located at LLM in Jersey City, NJ.

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