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Lars H. Knudsen <museum@...>

Hi Attilio

I am in the Sousse/Monastir area and my marina is names El Kantaoui.

On my maps it is not very precise described but it is a real mini-Nice
marina complete with amusement park, mini-zoo, hotels, bars, restaurants,
shops and almost everything else – except chandlery / marine shops. You will
have a hard time finding even standard stuff like rope and fenders in
Tunisia unless you are fluent in French or find yourself a “provider” – a
guy in the marina who makes a living out of helping boaters getting workmen
and equipment.

I pay 1.800 Euro for my Santorin in a really well-protected berth with all
the water and electricity I need.

I will be pleased sharing experiences about Santorin’s. Mine is hull #79
from 1983 and I am the second owner – since 2006.

The last three years have been used on some Med-cruising and a lot of
updating of electronics as well as plain tender loving care.

Right not I am working on fixing the vinyl liner which is falling off the
inner surfaces all over the boat. This is really a shame and instead of
tearing all of it off I have chosen to re-attach the old liner until I get
very rich and will have the Amel yard redo the whole thing.

The settee mystery is one I have speculated a lot about. And been looking
with flashlights, videocameras etc. to figure out, why they are closed off.
It turns out that there are nothing there which is strange in that Amel
never waste valuable space. But I have asked the Amel yard and Oliver Beaute
said the following:

“There is only a small space behind the 2 fake drawers. That is the reason
why we did not use this space as storage.

The space under the sofa in the saloon on port side is empty. You can indeed
create some hatches by cutting the plywood that makes up the sofa seat. Be
careful, there are several ring frames under this plywood.”

So mystery solved! But what is a “ring frame”…?

But let’s keep in contact. I will leave for Tunisia on Monday and be sailing
in the Tunisia/Sicily/Malta area for the next two weeks.

Fair wind!


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Hi Lars,
where are you in Tunisia? And how much do you pay for berth?
I also have a Santorin, recent purchase, now in Genoa Porto Antico.
Can we share experiences on Santorin?
For instance, what is there below the settee on left living/dining cabin?
Attilio Santorin Sisila #84

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Hi Ivan

Can you tell me what you pay for your berth or mooring in Mallorca?

I am considering moving my Santorin from Tunisia to Spain later this year
and are currently investigating the costs involved.

Best regards,


Santorin Salvagny #79

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Hi Xaviar

We are on a Satorin in Mallorca but we come from the north
of Ireland. I still think the best cruising ground in the
world is the west coast of Ireland.

Enjoy your cruising

Ivan Campbell

Ocean Hobo

Hi guys,

I just join the group and thought that I had to introduce

My name is Xavier a french fellow sailor currently sailing
and living aboard a 1993 Santorin sloop that my late father
bought brand new. The boat has already sailed around the
world and done a few transat either with my parents on
board or with some close friends of them.

After three years on shore, I finaly decided that it was
time for the boat and I to get wet again.

I am actually in west Ireland with a friend of mine and
after visiting the Aran Island, we are coming back home in
Normandy to prepare the boat for a new trans atlantic that
I will do alone.

I have been sailing on this boat more than 5000 miles
already (must of them as a deck hand) and I am looking
forward more adventures. So far the plan is to sail from
Normandy across biscane bay then to Madeira, Cape Verde,
Senegal, Brasil, Venezuela ... and then who knows.

I am lookimg forward all the advices I can get on this
forum concerning preparing, upgrading and maintening the

Sail smooth


PS : sorry for my rought english

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