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Oliver Henrichsen, SV Vela Nautica

Hello Elja,

I did not convert my gas oven to electric because I am happy with my gas oven. 

But its not a big deal to convert it. It will probably cost about 200 euros max.

You only need a heating element, a thermostat and a switch, and any electrician who understands his profession could do it. 

Look at the link about changing the heating element its a cheap job. These appliances heating elements are everywhere available. 

Hope that helps. 

Oliver from Vela Nautica 

On Mon, Aug 10, 2020, 01:16 Elja Röllinghoff Balu SM 222 <Bijorka@...> wrote:
He Oliver
I dont now that is possible do you have any advice ?

Thanks Elja
SM Balu 222

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