Re: tb/AMEL owner or AMEL familiar professional near COOMERA QLND AUSTRALIA/AYOG


Hi Joel,


We spoke last year in reference to the AMEL French ownership/registration (orange book) certification. BTW still not solved .


Since I am absolutely bored out of my mind not being able to get back to the boat I first toured BAJA CALIFORNIA for 6 weeks March/April until COVID closed the border. Now I am with one of my sons on a national & state park camping/hotel motorcycle trip from AZ, NM, TX, CO, WY, MT, ID and might decide to turn right towards the USA East Coast to attend the ANNAPOLIS boat show. Maybe I come down the East Coast and make it to FL – would surely like to meet you.


Thanks for the feedback on Sue & Brian; much appreciated.


Very frustrating not having a clue when we are allowed back into AUSTRALIA; last month I almost decided to put AMELIT on the same vessel Porter put IBIS (MV FLORETGRACHT) to COSTA RICA, USA or ENGLAND but at the very last moment decided that I still wanted to continue sailing the SP and just have to wait/suffer it out.


Best Regards Teun

August 10, 2020 20:14:00




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Hi Teun and let me assure you, I worked with Sue and Brian for nearly a decade before their time was ripe to buy their Amel. During this interlude I got to know them quite well. They manage mega yachts including major refits of millions plus. They both are extremely capable. Sue is the most organized  person I have ever met and Brian can fix anything as his knowledge is vast and his mates who know even more are endless.

These two are dear friends as well as a first class resource for Amel knowledge and experience. You can trust them completely. I am sure of this. 

If you are buzzing around the USA on  motor cycle, consider visiting us in  central Florida. 





Office 954-462-5869 

On Aug 10, 2020, at 7:28 PM, Brian Mitchell <sue@...> wrote:

Hello Teun & Colin,


Brian and I are in the Boat Works yard presently, we go by your boat each and every day. We tried to reach out to you a few months ago to offer our assistance to check on your yacht, but the e-mail we used at that time bounced back. I think Brian used your personal email address??


We have an Amel SM2000 #340 and we operate large yachts as well.


Let us know what you need and we will be happy to assist you. We are well known in the yard and very familiar with the Amel’s having owned ours for over 5 years.


Our phone contacts are:- +61 431 469500 (Brian) and +61 481 719770 (Sue). Call or e-mail and we’ll make a plan for you.


Kind regards,



Captain Brian & Sue Mitchell

S Y Lola

+61 481 719770

+61 431 469500









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Hi Teun


Let's see if you find anyone closer first, but if not then I could potentially help. The only issue with me is that I am around 100km away, up in Scarborough, and I don't really have any other reasons to go down that way normally. At present here in QLD, we are virtually COVID19 free, so I can travel down there without restrictions at present, as and when my work commitments allow me time to do so.


Presently I am looking after other international owners boats here in Scarborough Marina, and also assisting one international owner to sell his boat too, which is relatively very easy to do since it is right on my normal morning walk route. If you (or any other future Amel owners sailing into Australia later this year) had it here in Scarborough or Newport Marina's in the north of Brisbane, then that would be far easier for me to assist, however, as we discussed back in October, having it out the water at Boatworks should also certainly give you good peace of mind that it does not need new antifoul paint, wearing bearing replacements and also lines to be checked weekly.


 As you probably know I owned an Amel Super Maramu 2000 for 9 years, and just last year completed a circumnavigation in that but sold SV Island Pearl II recently on our return, so am completely familiar with all the specific maintenance requirements, and am also very familiar with the 54 too.


See if you get any offers from anyone closer first, but if not I would be happy to help as and when my time permits.


Best regards

Colin Streeter



On Mon, Aug 10, 2020 at 11:59 PM Teun BAAS <teun@...> wrote:

I am looking for an AMEL (54??) owner or a person familiar with AMEL (54) in the COOMERA QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA area.


Reading that QANTAS will not take any international reservations prior to March 2021 I think this indicates that it will be unlikely that AUSTRALIA will allow foreigners back into the country before March 2021. I am not a pessimist but realizing that my expectation of a return date has repeatedly moved forward from February to March to June to August to around Christmas to now March 2021 I can even see it taking longer than March 2021.


AMELIT has been on the hard @ THE BOAT WORKS YARD in COOMERA since December and I would like somebody to supervise/inspect if the additional preparation for longer storage is correctly being done as well as from time to time check on her. I have some arrangement with an outfit on TBWY but I want to make sure things are truly being done.


AMELIT was inspected this weekend and found to be in perfect shape but that person happened to be visiting BRISBANE but lives too far from COOMERA to do on a regular basis.


Any suggestions/advice is much appreciated.


Best Regards Teun

SV AMELIT  A54  #128


I am stuck riding my motorcycle all over USA

AMELIT is in storage on the hard in COOMERA (near BRISBANE) QLD AUSTRALIA

August 10, 2020 08:58:29


USA cell: +1 832 477 8842

AUSTRALIA cell: +61 5951 8909


You can follow AMELIT via this link:






Colin Streeter

0411 016 445

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