Re: engine start/stop problems

Naegels Patrick <naegels@...>

Hello Anne and John,

I'ts a frequent problem on SM2000 older than 6 years. You have to buy by Amel a double relay to fix this problem. They know it very well. Nothing is perfect .. even an SM2000

Best regards

Patrick - Caramel SM2000#329


We have had intermittent problems with our Yanmar engine being unstart/stopable. The problem lies in the connections to the solenoid which Amel fits on the negative or grounding side of the engine. I suspect that this is a general problem with whatever engine or Amel yacht. No wiring diagram was supplied for this grounding thus making it hard to find where the fault lies. I noted hat the Yanmar wiring diagram does not provide for this engine grounding system and finding that I could start or stop the engine whilst I shorted out the contacts on the soleniod I have put both wires to and from the battery negative side on the same terminal of the soleniod. This means that the engine is permanently grounded and that it always starts or stops when needed.
If anyone can give me a clue as why Amel use this system to unground the engine when stopped I should be very interested.

Happy grounding, Anne and John, SM319

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