Re: Run 2500w inverter always even on shore power?

Billy Newport

I didn't have the inverter on, RTFM. The manual specifies the priority system. The gen overrides the inverter, but the inverter overrides shore power. So, if my 2500w inverter is on then it's independent of shore power. You're point in capacity is interesting. My old boat had dual victron 3kw inverters. I could run all 3 AC units on one of those inverters, 2 x 9k BTU and a 16K BTU, all cruisair units. The 16k had a smartstart on it. The main problem with that was actually voltage drop under high load, 12V didn't help. The victron had 4.5kw peaks.
I'm just happy the washing machine isn't broken, I was already looking at how to change the drain pump so I can defer that. I'm instrumenting my AC bus with Shelly AC monitors this week so I'll have data on the washing machine draw soon.


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