Re: tb/AMEL owner or AMEL familiar professional near COOMERA QLND AUSTRALIA/AYOG


In addition to below Email I am just reading that AUSTRALIA NORTHERN TERRETORIES have closed their border for INTERNAL traffic until 2022 that is 20twentyTWO.

Sounds drastic to me but I had the same opinion in March when Air New Zealand canceled my return until August and then again in July vanceled all together.


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Date: 8/10/20 08:59 (GMT-06:00)
Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] tb/AMEL owner or AMEL familiar professional near COOMERA QLND AUSTRALIA/AYOG

I am looking for an AMEL (54??) owner or a person familiar with AMEL (54) in the COOMERA QUEENSLAND AUSTRALIA area.


Reading that QANTAS will not take any international reservations prior to March 2021 I think this indicates that it will be unlikely that AUSTRALIA will allow foreigners back into the country before March 2021. I am not a pessimist but realizing that my expectation of a return date has repeatedly moved forward from February to March to June to August to around Christmas to now March 2021 I can even see it taking longer than March 2021.


AMELIT has been on the hard @ THE BOAT WORKS YARD in COOMERA since December and I would like somebody to supervise/inspect if the additional preparation for longer storage is correctly being done as well as from time to time check on her. I have some arrangement with an outfit on TBWY but I want to make sure things are truly being done.


AMELIT was inspected this weekend and found to be in perfect shape but that person happened to be visiting BRISBANE but lives too far from COOMERA to do on a regular basis.


Any suggestions/advice is much appreciated.


Best Regards Teun

SV AMELIT  A54  #128


I am stuck riding my motorcycle all over USA

AMELIT is in storage on the hard in COOMERA (near BRISBANE) QLD AUSTRALIA

August 10, 2020 08:58:29


USA cell: +1 832 477 8842

AUSTRALIA cell: +61 5951 8909


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