Re: Run 2500w inverter always even on shore power?

Duane Siegfri

Because I use a CPAP and wanted to be able to run it off the house bank through the AC outlets, I installed an 1800 watt inverter and wired it to a switch in the compartment above the sink.  The switch selects "OFF", "Mains/Gen", "Inverter".  The switch is then wired to the breakers for "Microwave" and "Outlets".  Those two breakers were isolated (by cutting the bus bar in the breaker panel) from the 30 amp power supply for the AC breakers.  Of course the switch was also wired for supply voltage to the 30 amp breaker for the AC panel.  Except for the inverter I had an electrician install everything.  I also labeled those two breakers "Inverter" so all would know that shutting off the 30 amp breaker for the AC panel would not necessarily shut off power to those breakers.  This also permits use of the microwave anytime when the switch is set to "Inverter".  This is a good safety precaution for the microwave because one can forget that the boat is on US current.

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