Re: Run 2500w inverter always even on shore power?

Scott SV Tengah

My boat is pure 220/50hz also and I didn't want to go through the trouble of retrofitting it to work for the short periods where I am in 60hz land. I have the Victron Quattro 5kw/120a charger/inverter and it does, in fact, run everything (scuba compressor/aircon/etc) in the boat but there is a big caveat.

On my boat, it replaces the Amel transfer switch. If the Quattro detects external power into either of its AC inputs, it will pass the external power through and turn off the inverter. I asked Victron and there is no way to disable this functionality.

The way I do it when in 60hz countries that feed 220v/60hz is that I plug in briefly to fill up my lipo batteries and then run everything off battery/inverter, which I set to supply 220v/50hz. There is very little voltage drop on lipo even with heavy draws.  I have a second 220v charger, so I'm feeding about 180-200amps DC in to the batteries, so I rarely plug in for more than an hour.  If I'm running aircon, I'll have to plug in for a bit daily. If I'm not running AC, 960w solar has been enough such that we haven't plugged in at all at this marina.

If you're contemplating spending a lot of money going dual voltage, you might want to consider putting that money towards batteries/solar/inverter because those items will benefit you at all times, not just in a 60hz marina.
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