Re: Tips appreciated: Major frustration trying to pull cable through Mizzen.

Scott SV Tengah

After struggling with the mizzen for a while, we got it to work. On my main, we did as Oliver did and it made it super easy. To clarify further:

Inside each conduit there is a thinner line and a thicker line. The thinner line has the foam bits on it. So we tied a messenger line to the bottom of this thinner line and I pulled out the thinner line/foam bits from the top of the mast. The cable went through almost like butter after that. 

We ended up leaving just the newly fed messenger line in the main along with the original amel messenger line (without foam) as I've been told that others have done that without noise issues. If we get noise, I'll just try to feed the lines with the foam bits back down the mast later.

Hope this helps someone!

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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