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Nick Newington

I have adjusted the alignment and it is spot on. 
My theory is that I have been using B section belts (17mm) and the alt pulley has 84mm diameter. (This was what was on the boat when I bought her in 2017.) and  according to belt specs The minimum diameter pulley should be 112mm.
Now Optibelt do a 17mm B section belt that can cope with 90mm pulley. I have ordered a pair but that is still larger than my 83mm.
If my theory is correct then I will have to machine the pulleys to accept 13mm belts such that they do not bottom out as 13mm belts can cope with smaller pulley diameters. 
Alternatively get a 112mm pulley for the alternator but then pulley ratio will be close to 2:1 not 3:1
Or switch to a serpentine belt which involve new pulleys for both alternator and the engine.

So my first port of call is to find out what pulleys other Amel owners are using.
Amelia AML54-019
Simi Greece

On 13 Aug 2020, at 15:09, Bill Hall <billhall95688@...> wrote:

Hi Nick

Have you checked the pully alignment?  Miss alignment will cause excessive belt wear

Hope this helps

Bill Hall
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On Thu, Aug 13, 2020 at 3:24 AM ngtnewington Newington via <> wrote:

The saga goes on. The belts for my 24v Leece Neville 175a alternator do not last and produce dust.
So I have been scratching my head....and coming to some conclusions....

 But before I go on can someone with the 175a 24v twin belt pulley set up let me know what pulley diameters you are using and what width belt and if you use cogged belt with the idlers or not?
S/Y Amelia
Simi Greece

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