Re: Switch to LiFePO4

Arno Luijten

"In the long run it is even more advisable to abandon the traditional car batterie style and take one 24 volt 400, 500 or 600Ah lithium batterie instead building it up from 12 or 24 volt sections. "

At first I had the same opinion about this. However I did think this over a bit and now I'm not so sure anymore. The point being that with a set of "autonomous" 24 volt batteries you do build in a level of redundancy. If one of the batteries/BMS-es fails you still have the others left. With one BMS. etc. you create a critical path.

I'm not saying that should be avoided at all costs but it does add food for thought into to the discussion. For me I think this technology is still not fully mature in the marine environment. One way to get around the 70-80% problem is sizing you battery system so you don't need the top 20-30% and can never charge them up to 100%. To do this you need a BMS that can (actively) balance cells at any state of charge. I only found one company that sells those at the moment. It also make LiPo even more expensive.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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