Both electric furlers no working

Mark Garver

A couple of weeks ago, our main furler failed, it would unfurl, but it would not roll back in, but the outhaul worked just fine. The genoa worked just fine until last week when I was preparing the boat for the hurricane, it rolled out for about 2 seconds then stopped and wouldn’t operate in either direction. I am not sure if these two issues are related or not. Our boat is SM #105 (1993) and until these to issues happened everything was working as it should be. Regarding the genoa, I had a friend stand up on the bow to listen for a solenoid click or activation and there is nothing. I had to fly back to Texas for work before being able to sort these and am about to head back up this week to resolve and was looking for any input on where to begin. Any thoughts?



SV It’s Good
SM #105
Gloucester, VA

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