Re: Both electric furlers no working

Ian Park

I had intermittent issues with the furling motors. It was the brushes sticking. A couple of taps with a hammer ( reversed to use end of the handle, wood or rubber) seemed to cure it for a short while. 

An accumulation of carbon dust can make them stick. I have just put new carbon brushes and springs in all three of mine and they work perfectly now. The motors on the Santorin are all redundant stock now. The mainsail ones were Fiat starter motors (12v) and the Genoa motor was Bosch, but Bosch in Germany didn’t recognise the serial number. The guy who obtained new brushes and springs got them from a Polish company who have just started making them. I’ll find out the address when I get home again in October.

Ian Park
Ocean Hobo  SN96

escaping lockdown on the Scilly Isles for what’s left of the season on UK!


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